Past meetings - and proceedings if available. For more information, see our history!

2024: To be determined!

2023 Bellingham, WA. Joint meeting with the Northwest Scientific Association. Proceedings and the final conference page

2020-2022: no meetings, pandemic.

2019: Ashland, OR. Proceedings

2018: Pomona, CA. Proceedings

2017: Waimea, HI. Proceedings

2016: San Diego, CA. Proceedings

2015: San Francisco, CA. Proceedings

2014: Riverside, CA. Proceedings

2013: Las Vegas, NV. Proceedings

2012: Boise, ID. Proceedings

2011: San Diego, CA. Proceedings

2010: Ashland, OR. Proceedings

2009: San Francisco, CA. Proceedings

2008: Waimea, HI. Proceedings

2007: Boise, ID. Proceedings

2006: San Diego, CA. Proceedings

2005: Ashland, OR. Proceedings

2004: Logan, UT. Proceedings

2003: San Francisco, CA. Proceedings

2002: Waimea, HI. Proceedings

2001: Irvine, CA. Proceedings

2000: Ashland, OR. Proceedings