The Organizational Structure of the Pacific Division of AAAS

The AAASPD is an inclusive organization that depends largely on the volunteer efforts of its participants. AAASPD does not itself have official members, or membership dues, instead the organization is supported by its annual meeting as well as funding, in part, provided by our parent organization, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Intellectually, the Pacific Division is organized around a series of disciplinary and issue oriented 'Sections" each headed by a Section Chair.  These sections chairs are fundamentally responsible for the health and vitality of the organization.

With respect to Management, The Executive Director, elected by the AAASPD council, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization as well as the structure of the AAASPD annual meeting.

The Executive Director works closely with the Executive Committee consisting of the AAASPD officers including: The Past, Present, and Future  Presidents and the Executive Director; and in addition 7 ad hoc members elected for 5 year terms. All members of the Executive Committee are elected by The AAASPD Council.

The ultimate responsibility for setting policy for AAASPD rests with The AAASPD COUNCIL consisting  of: all members of the Executive Committee; those Chairs of the Disciplinary Sections of AAASPD who have been elected to council; 6 ad hoc Council Members elected to 3 year terms, and representatives from organizations affiliated with the Pacific Division.

In addition, AAASPD has several operating committees including: The Council Nominating Committee, An Educational Committee, A Presidential Nominating Committee, a Site Selection Committee, and a Student Awards Committee.

Periodically, AAASPD also establishes Task Forces to address particular issues of structure, governance, or policy.

As a largely volunteer organization, we encourage anyone who would like to participate.  If you are interested in participating in the management or structure of AAASPD, please contact: [email protected]