Our Commitment

For decades, the Pacific Division of AAAS has provided a training ground for young scientists to present their research findings and rub shoulders with more senior researchers in a relaxed yet scientifically rigorous environment. To continue this tradition, the Pacific Division offers a number of enticements to encourage and help students to attend the annual meetings and present their research, either orally or as posters. Check out the Pacific Division! 

Jacqueline Cely"I had a memorable time at the AAAS Conference! The workshops and research talks were meaningful and everyone was very encouraging! I especially liked how the conference had a diversity of disciplines present, it was great to collaborate with others. I recommend that students attend a AAAS Conference if they can, as it will give them insight on pursuing a STEM career!"

-Jacqueline Cely
University of California, Riverside
Jacqueline was an award winner at the 2017 meeting in Waimea, Hawai`i.
Photo courtesy herself.

“I was compelled to attend AAASPD as the first conference of my graduate studies because of the diversity of symposia topics presented in a smaller more intimate setting, facilitating conversations with many researchers inside Lena Diazand out of my field of study. AAASPD offers unique opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students including numerous student presentation awards, research and travel stipends. During the symposia workshops I felt comfortable and confident to participate in the round table conversations particularly during the Social Responsibility of Scientists in the Technological Age symposia, where based on my participation, I was asked to submit a proposal on introducing guidelines for bioethical responsibility early on during a graduate student’s scientific career. Attending AAASPD has tremendously prepared me to present at larger conferences later this year. I would highly recommend AAASPD to any student as their 1st conference.”

–Lena Diaz
University of Hawai`i at Manoa