2023/2024 Pacific Division Committees*

 Site Selection (Propose site for next annual meeting):  Jozef Stec, Veronica Galvan, and Roberta Millstein

 Education (Through educational and outreach activities, help plan annual meeting events such as: education-related symposia, special talks, town halls, workshops, etc):  Carl Maida (Chair), Joan Horvath, Veronica Galvan, and Sarah Perrault

 Conference (Help build and run the annual conference):  Veronica Galvan (Chair), Frank Jacobitz, and....

 Communications (Conference advertising. This committee will also maintain a Google doc highlighting every group approached about the conference to help avoid too much overlap – and give Council members ideas about who they might contact.):  Joan Horvath (Chair), Mario de Leo Winkler, Jamie Cannon, Cheryl Jorcyk, and Rich Cameron.

 Student Awards (Organizing judging for all student awards at the next conference ):  Frank Jacobitz (Chair), AJ Galindo, Bob Chianese, Jamie Cannon, and Jad D'Allura.

 All other committees put on hold effective July, 2023.

* Bob Hickey, as Executive Director of the Division, is an Ex-Officio member on all committees.