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ISBN 0-940228-60-2; 2004, paper, 235 pp. $35.00

Museums and Other Institutions
of Natural History:
Past, Present, and Future

Arranged and edited by
Alan E. Leviton and Michele L. Aldrich

Table of Contents

Alan E. Leviton and Michele L. Aldrich: Introduction to Symposium and Volume

Sally Gregory Kohlstedt and Paul Brinkman: Framing Nature: The Formative Years of Natural History Museum Development in the United States

Pamela M. Henson: A National Science and a National Museum

Barbara Ertter: The Flowering of Natural History Institutions in California

Hanna Rose Shell: Skin Deep: Taxidermy, Embodiment and Extinction in W.T. Hornaday's Buffalo Group

Ellis L. Yochelson: More than 150 years of Administrative Ups and Downs for Natural History in Washington; Smithsonian Institution, United States National Museum, National Museum of Natural History

J. Thomas Dutro, Jr.: A National Research Laboratory in the Late 20th Century: U.S. Geological Surveys Paleontology and Stratigraphy Branch as a Case Study

Ronald Rainger: Oceanography and Fieldwork: Geopolitics and Research at The Scripps Institution

Jere H. Lipps: Success Story: The History and Development of the Museum of Paleontology .. at the University of California, Berkeley

John Farnum: In Search of Relevance: The Museum of the Twenty-first Century

Warren D. Allmon
: Opening a New Natural History Museum in Twenty-first Century America: A Case Study in Historic Perspective

Peter Raven: Botanical Gardens and the 21st Century

Scott D. Sampson and Sarah B. George: Reinventing a Natural History Museum for the 21st Century

David H. Kavanaugh: Planning for Research in the 21st Century at a Large Natural History Museum

J. Patrick Kociolek: The California Academy of Sciences 150 Years Young with a Vision for the Future

Terrence M. Gosliner: Epilogue


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