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ISBN 0-934394-07-5: 1990, cloth, 224 pp., $26.95

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An Ecosystem Study

Edited by

Ellen T. Drake, Gary L. Larson, Jack Dymond, and Robert Collier
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Table of Contents



Status of the Ten-Year Limnological Study of Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park, Gary L. Larson

The Geologic Setting of Crater Lake, Charles R. Bacon and Marvin A. Lanhpere

Sedimentary History of Crater Lake Caldera, Oregon, John H. Barber, Jr. and C. Hans Nelson

The Chemistry of Crater Lake Sediments: Definition of Sources and Implications for Hydrothermal Activity, Jack Dymond and Robert Collier

>An Alternative Hypothesis to Explain Temperature Anomaly and Other Data Observed at Crater Lake, Oregon, Joseph G. La Fleur

Chemical and Physical Properties of the Water Column at Crater Lake, Oregon, Robert Collier, Jack Dymond, James McManus, and John Lupton

The Ecology and Chemistry of Caldera Springs of Crater Lake National Park, Stanley V. Gregory, Randall C. Wildman, Linda R. Ashkenas, and Gary A. Lamberti

Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of Waters from Crater Lake, Oregon and Nearby Vicinity, J. Michael Thompson, Manuel Nahenson, and L. Douglass White

Chemical Balance for Major Elements in Water in Crater Lake, Oregon, Manuel Nathenson

Chemistry of Crater Lake, Oregon, and Nearby Springs in Relation to Weathering, Manuel Nathenson and J. Michael Thompson

Crater Lake Climate and Lake Level Variability, Kelly T. Redmond

Secchi Disk, Photometry, and Phytoplankton Data from Crater Lake: Long-Term Trends and Relationships, Clifforn N. Dahm, Douglas W. Larson, N. Stan Geiger, and Lois K. Herrera

Phytoplankton Species Distribution in Crater Lake, Oregon, 1978-1980, N. Stan Geiger and Douglas W. Larson

Spatial and Temporal Patterns in the Phytoplankton of Crater Lake (1985-1987), Mary K. Debacon and C. David McIntire

Sampling Strategy and a Preliminary Description of the Pelagic Zooplankton Community in Crater Lake, Elena Karnaugh

Ecology of Kokanee Salmon and Rainbow Trout in Crater Lake, Mark W. Buktenica and Gary L. Larson

Limnological Response of Crater Lake to Possible Long-Term Sewage Influx, Douglas W. Larson, Clifford N. Dahm, and N. Stan Geiger

Summary of Crater Lake Studies and Comparison with the Early Stages of
Eutrophication of Lake Tahoe, Charles R. Goldman

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