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ISBN 0-934394-12-1; 1998, cloth, 213pp. $20.00

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Sources, Control, and Remediation of Potentially Toxic, Trace Element Oxyanions

Edited by
Lynn M. Dudley, Utah State University, Logan, UT
and John C. Guitjens, Universitiy of Nevada, Reno

Table of Contents


Introduction and Overview of Trace Oxyanions in Irrigated
Agroecosystems, Frank J. Peryea and Jerome J. Jurinak

Reactivity and Transformations of Arsenic, Suduan Gao, Kenneth K. Tanji
and Sabine Goldberg

Emerging Problems with Uranium, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Chromium,
and Boron, Christopher Amrhein, Martin C. Duff, William H. Casey,
and Dennis W. Westcot

Remediation of Irrigation-Related Contamination at Department of the
Interior Project Areas in the Western United States, Richard A. Engberg

Technologies for Control of Salinity and Toxic Trace Elements:
Introduction and Overview, John C. Guitjens

Management of Plants in Saline Environments, Grant E. Cardon  and
Stephen R. Grattan

Hydrochemical Considerations in Modeling Water Quality within
the Vadose Zone, Donald L. Suarez  and Lynn M. Dudley

Integrated Modeling of Regional-Scale Irrigation/Drainage Management,
Mark E. Grismer, Ken C. Tarboto, and Wes W. Wallender

Water Management Principles for Drainage Reduction and a Case Study
of the Broadview Water District, James E. Ayars, Dennis Wichelns, and
David M. Cone

Demonstration of Emerging Irrigation and Management Technologies
for Drainage Reduction, Stuart Styles, James D. Oster, Allan Fulton,
and Claude J. Phene


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