The 2024 Pacific Division Annual Meeting will be held at the University of San Diego on 17-20 June.

DRAFT PROCEEDINGS: This is everything: full meeting schedule, posters with assigned numbers, maps, welcome, thank yous, and abstracts. (updated on 6/14 with an addition, a couple of cancellations, and typos fixed)

Note, the final version of the proceedings, including edits and accounting for no-shows, etc, will be posted after the meeting.

Conference Registration:   Student cost is $50; professional cost, $95
(note, late fees of $10 for students and $20 for professionals will be included in June)

Abstracts are no longer being accepted

A day at Balboa Park Museums and museum tour signups (20 June)

Geology of San Diego field trip. 8-12:00 on 20 June. ~$45 (includes a box lunch). Sign up and pay at the conference registration website.

Conference Hotel (discounted rate IF YOU RESERVE BEFORE 1 June  plus free parking at the nearby Days Inn).  Note, the Days Inn is in partnership with USD and kicks a percentage of the room cost back to USD.

Parking at USD There's plenty of parking just downhill and to the west of the Kroc Center (labeled as KIPJ on the map - where the conference will be held).   Lots WPS, W1, and W2 are your best options. $18 per day, paid at either a station at the lots or the Parkshare app. Overall info here. Parking map here.

Overall Conference Schedule See this for an overall view of what's happening each day.

Conference flyer - feel free to print, share, etc.