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The Role of Phytochemicals in Neuroscience (Jeffrey Ho, Millburn High School, Millburn, New Jersey)

Critical Regulators of Multiple Sclerosis (Trang Hong, Marshall B. Ketchum University)

Connections for Discovery: From Guzheng to Optimizing Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Properties through Incorporation of Moisture-Absorbing Particles. (Lina Huang, Phillips Exeter Academy, San Dimas, California)

Optimizing Biosignal-Based Powered Rehabilitative Exoskeletons (Mustafa Mohammed, The University of Illinois at Chicago)

Development of Human-Mouse Microglia Chimeric Mouse Model (Alan Napole, California State University Fullerton)

Analogues of Homotaurine and Curcumin as Potential Treatment for Ab plaques in Alzheimer’s Disease (Jose Paredes, MCPHS University, Boston, Mass)

 Explore the Spectrum of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) (Akhilsai Ujjina, East Hamilton High School, Chattanooga TN)